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Facial Plastic Surgery In New York – Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon – Facelift In NYC


Dr. Diktaban MD, FACS  is a NYC double board certified plastic surgeon, experienced in the most advanced, minimally invasive, facial cosmetic surgery techniques; from face and neck lift to Rhinoplasty to chin and cheek implants.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about enhancing the way you look ? Perhaps you would like a more refined nose, forehead lift, facelift, or a more defined jaw area.

Depending on your appearance goals, Dr.Diktaban will discuss your surgical and non surgical options.


Best New York Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Theodore Diktaban Turn Your Dreams Into Reality..


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Face Lift Surgery In New York

Precision Tx™ / SideLaze800™

Facial Implant Surgery In New York

Earwell Infant Ear Correction System

Ear Shaping Surgery In New York


Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS


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Facial Plastic Surgery In Manhattan, New York

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