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Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead Lift Surgery In New York City

Forehead Lift Surgeon in New York, NY

A Forehead Lift, also called a Brow Lift, is performed for those with significant furrows or horizontal lines in the forehead that make them appear tired, sad or angry. It can be performed with eyelid rejuvenation or alone, depending upon the level of correction needed. Dr. Diktaban performs the brow or forehead lift with an endoscope, which eliminates the need for a long scalp incision. Dr. Diktaban has popularized this endoscopic approach by making only four small access incisions hidden behind the hairline. This allows him to use tiny, sophisticated instruments through the incisions to release the brows and release the muscles between the brows that cause unwanted frown lines. By restoring the eyebrows to a more elevated and natural position, your eyes will be more youthful looking.


Forehead Lift Surgery In New York


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Forehead Lift Surgeon In New York.

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