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SmartLipo| Laser Liposuction NYC

SmartLipo Manhattan NY  Laser Liposuction New York City By Double Board Certified Plastic NYC Surgeon Dr. Diktaban MD, FACS


Why choose Dr. Diktaban in Manhattan NY for SmartLipo™ ?

As one of the New York City’s top double Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Otolaryngologists, Dr. Diktaban has been providing impeccable surgical and lifestyle enhancements to his clients in Manhattan, NY for more than 32 years.

Liposuction Manhattan New York

Liposuction is an excellent procedure for men and women who have discrete areas of stubborn fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. This same-day, outpatient procedure results in a more sculpted physique to the arms, stomach, back, thighs, calves, neck and face. Dr. Diktaban is trained and very experienced in the Laser Lipolysis technique (SmartLipo, Osyris, Coolipo, etc). Smart Lipo is utilized to give an extra boost of skin tightening together with fat removal, to firm up areas of skin laxity.

Experienced New York City Liposuction Surgeon

Dr. Diktaban has more than three decades of experience performing liposuction techniques for both men and women. By continually refining his technique over many decades, Dr. Diktaban knows how to achieve the beautiful aesthetic results you desire.

Dr. Diktaban will work with you to design a customized treatment plan which addresses all of your aesthetic needs and goals.

Learn more about SmartLipo™ call our New York plastic surgeon located on Madison Ave in Manhattan today at 212.988.5656  to schedule a confidential evaluation.

Smartlipo Manhattan NY - Laser Liposuction NYC - NY Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Diktaban for Laser Liposuctiion procedures in Manhattan New York.


SmartLipo Technology

Of all of the cosmetic medical procedures available to patients in the United States today, liposuction is the most popular. There are a variety of different liposuction techniques that are on the market today and  Smart Lipo  is an excellent choice because of its  safety and effectiveness . Though traditional liposuction techniques were notorious for their long recovery periods, bruising, swelling, and side effects, Smart Lipo keeps these issues to a minimum. Through the use of laser technologies to melt fat while coagulating blood in the blood vessels, it is possible for patients to enjoy all the benefits of traditional liposuction without the long recovery periods.

Through the use of more sophisticated techniques, it is possible to create exceptional body contouring results. For example  high-definition liposuction, opens up new possibilities for patients who would like to see six-pack abs or a turtle tummy without spending hours at the gym.

Smart Lipo Advantages

Laser technologies permit our New York cosmetic plastic surgeon to see in-the-moment where the cannula is located under the skin, eliminating the guesswork.

One of the major advantages is the fact that liquefying fat cells makes it possible to use a much  smaller cannula  to achieve excellent results from the procedure. The smaller cannula means that  incisions are tiny  and scars are unheard of. The recovery period is diminished because  Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive procedure . Patients experience less pain and see results from their surgery more quickly. Laser technologies permit doctors to see in-the-moment where the cannula is located under the skin, eliminating the guesswork.


Liposuction Breakthroughs

Tumescent liposuction  was perhaps the most important breakthrough in liposuction history, but laser technology has taken the procedure to the next level.  Laser lipolysis has increased the safety and effectiveness of liposuction, making very precise surgical maneuvers possible. While tumescent liposuction significantly increased the safety and decreased the risks involved in the procedure, lasers enhanced the final results.

New technologies such as  ultrasound assisted, water-assisted and power-assisted liposuction  have provided surgeons with a tool chest of different possibilities to fit exactly to the patient’s needs. Our skilled New York cosmetic surgeon can fit the various tools that are available today to the patient’s exact situation knowing that improved technologies have significantly reduced the risks involved in these procedures.

How does SmartLipo Work?

SmartLipo utilizes medical-grade lasers to create a light beam, powerful enough to rupture fat cells and then melt the fat without traumatizing the surrounding blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues.

As a form of Laser Liposuction, the principle behind SmartLipo is to melt the fat by the use of thermal and photomechanical effects. The laser probe works at different wavelengths (depending of the SmartLipo Machine). The combination of wavelengths is the key in liquefying adipose cells, help in coagulation, and promoting the posterior skin tightening. Bruising and blood vessel destruction is kept to a minimum.

Areas of the body can be treated with SmartLipo™Manhattan, New York

SmartLipo can be used to safely reduce body fat in the following areas:
Neck • Arms • Chest • Back • Flanks • Abdomen • Thighs • Legs


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NY Liposuction Arms

Liposuction aims to create a slimmer, more toned appearance that is apparent when the arms are in a relaxed position. Our advanced arm liposuction techniques can help you say goodbye to flabby upper arms and hello to the attractive, sculpted look you desire.

Liposuction Chin / Neck For Men & Women in NY

Chin and neck liposuction is performed to get rid of excess fat along the jawline and in the neck. The procedure can be used to get rid of a “double chin”. Male patients in particular often choose chin and neck liposuction as an alternative to a facelift because liposuction is a much safer procedure requiring a less extensive recovery period.

SmartLipo™ Breasts NY

Smartlipo breast lift is a new laser breast lift, that doesn’t involve knives or needles. Instead, it uses a combination of laser-lipo and lasers to lift & tighten

Women: When a mild to moderate breast reduction is desired, a liposuction-only breast reduction may be appropriate. Because breast tissue consists of both fat and glandular tissue, patients must be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether the procedure is right for them. Large breast reductions involve a more invasive approach than just liposuction.

Men: Mild to moderate cases of gynecomastia (man-boobs) may be treatable using liposuction-only treatments, however, in more severe cases, excision of skin may also be necessary.

Abdomen, Tummy Tuck Liposuction NY

The abdomen is a common problem area for many patients, both men and women. Liposuction may be performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck to excise excess skin from the problem area or it can be performed by itself. Only the fat below the skin and above the muscle tissue can be removed. Fat below the muscles in the abdomen cannot be removed using liposuction.


It can be remarkably difficult to get rid of love handles using diet and exercise a lone. Love handles can be easily removed using liposuction and often patients target abdominal fat at the same time. Men use liposuction to remove fatty deposits below the rim of the hip bone while women target the area above the hips and the rim of the hip bone, just below the ribs.

Liposuction For Outer Thighs NY

A good exercise and diet program cannot always alter the shape of the body. Fat storage in the thighs and hips in particular are impacted by genetics. Liposuction to the thighs, hips, and buttocks can help treat problem areas and create a proportionate result that complements the patient’s natural physical features. Plastic surgeons often recommend outer thigh liposuction in tandem with hip and buttock liposuction in order to achieve the best results.

Liposuction For Inner Thighs NY

Liposuction of the inner thighs provides patients with a more pleasing contour to the legs. Often, doctors recommend liposuction of the inner knees in tandem with liposuction that targets the inner thighs because of the distribution of excess fat in these areas. Candidates for inner thigh liposuction should have excellent skin elasticity to achieve the best results. For patients with loose or wrinkled skin in the thigh region, a thigh lift may be a better option than liposuction.

Knee Liposuction NY

Liposuction of the knees regularly produces excellent results and high satisfaction rates. By removing excess fat from the inner knees, the appearance of the entire leg is altered. Patients often opt to have liposuction of the inner thighs, buttocks, or hips performed at the same time to further enhance results.

Liposuction For Calves NY

“Cankles” are calves that do not taper as they connect to the foot. A lack of sufficient tapering in the calves is usually genetically predetermined. Liposuction of the calves is often aimed at correcting this issue while producing a natural appearance.
Most laser-assisted Liposuction procedures only take from 60- 90 minutes to perform. Of course this depends on the number of areas being treated. Recovery time will take from 2 – 7 days, and in most cases, patients can return to work and normal activities within days. Patients will see immediate results, after surgery, and their newly contoured body will reveal a more defined shape and tone over months following the liposuction surgery.

Learn more about SmartLipo™ call our New York plastic surgeon located on Madison Ave in Manhattan today at 212.988.5656  to schedule a confidential evaluation.


Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS


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Liposuction – SmartLipo™ In Manhattan New York – Double Board Certified NY Plastic Surgeon

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