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PicoSure Laser Facial

The Picosure Laser Facial (PicoFacial) treatment is a gentle, yet fast and effective, non-surgical laser designed to rejuvenate and refine the skin of the face, hands, chest, décolleté, arms and legs.

PicoSure’s revolutionary Pico technology is the fastest available laser in cosmetic medicine today. It’s incredible speed results in greater penetration of laser energy to problem areas effectively removing undesired pigmentation and revitalizing the skin.

This FDA-approved technology can be used to treat:
– discoloration/brown spots
– sun damage
– age spots
– fine lines/wrinkles
– acne scars
– aging skin

PicoFacial is the perfect ‘lunchtime’ laser facial with no downtime. After numbing cream is applied, for your comfort, the PicoFacial takes just 15 minutes. You make experience some redness and tightness, which patients sometimes describe as a slight sunburnt feeling. This may last for the first hour or two after treatment and then quickly subsides.

The result of PicoFacial is a clearer, more refined appearance to the skin with smoother texture and a beautiful glow.

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