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Liposuction For Men New York

Liposuction Plastic Surgery For Men In NYC


Liposuction For Men New York

Liposuction for men is another popular procedure that NYC Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Diktaban performs on a regular basis in his NY office. Dr. Diktaban has several options for men to eliminate unwanted fat, including the use of laser liposuction from the waist and other locations with the added benefit of injecting the removed fat into your face to restore youthful volume.


Liposuction is currently the number one cosmetic surgery chosen by men.

Liposuction for men in New York - NYC Plastic Surgeon for men


Dr. Diktaban is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 32 years of experience, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In 2014 Dr. Diktaban was listed for the 13th consecutive year by Castle Connolly as one of the “Top Plastic Surgeons in New York”.

If you have questions about liposuction for men, and would like to address stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot help, we invite you to call us 212.988.5656   to schedule an appointment with Dr. Diktaban.


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Liposuction For Men in New York – NYC Plastic Surgeon For Men

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